4rd Pottery Market - Nismes (Viroinval) - July 9, 2023

Organization of the day

Date and schedule :


The market is accessible to the visitors from 10 am till 6 pm.


Stands can be set up as from 7 am. No vehicle will be authorized in the market site between 9.30 am and 6 pm (please unload your vehicle and remove it from the site asap, even before you set up your stand to enable other exhibitors to access the site easily). Volunteers will help you to unload and reload your goods.

A breakfast (1 coffee or tea and 1 croissant) will be offered during the setup for maximum 1 persons per stand. It is possible to order extra breakfast for 3€.

Per stand, you will receive a ticket a sausage bread or soup with bread (volunteers can be called upon to help exhibitors alone who can not leave their stand)



Every exhibitor will make sure to fix its arbor without anchoring it into the flor (it is forbidden to thrill a hole into the ground).

 If the exhibitor needs power supply, he needs to ask for it in his registration form by mentioning the exact power needed.



Other useful information:

Bar and restauration foreseen.

Water supply available.

Every exhibitor needs to take his waste back when he leaves.


You will easily recognize the volunteers present to help you.


Accommodation: on our Internet website, you will find our partners who have a surprise for you: http://www.element-terre.be, the tourism office from Viroinval can also help you with an accommodation: http://www.viroinval.be/